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At A.N.G. Service Centre, we put our customers first. These are some of the testimonials posted on the various web forums:

AndreE - www.pajeroclub.co.za

I went through various agents and received rediculous quotes ranging from R2500 to R5000. I found a reference and recommendation for ANG Service Centre in Killarney Gardens somewhere on the user forum. Took my 2.8 TDI SWB to them and can vouch for their excellent service and attention to detail. Their no is 021 566 3030


SimonB - www.4x4community.co.za

There's a saying that goes something like, "the first impression is the lasting impression".

If my first impression of ANG Service Centre is anything to go by, there is much to be learned by the rest of the motor vehicle service industry.

From the very first phonecall, Alan's staff was extremely friendly and helpful. I spent some time discussing some issues which had come up with Pumba. Despite being extremely busy Alan managed to squeeze me in today because I was going away. Now I was due for a 190000km service but I had niggling problems which everybody threw theories at but never offered any concrete diagnosis, some of which included screeching belts but of a metallic nature, poor starting when cold and a couple of other minor, but nevertheless annoying problems.

Having initially thought my alternator was at fault for at least one of these issues I took the car to Motolek in Montague Gardens and they poked and prodded and said the alternator was fine but all the bearings on that "belt" were shot, including tensioners, power steering pump and compressor bearings, and that my cold start issue was because of excessive load due to worn bearings.
Anyway, I took it to ANG and left it with them to do what they must. Eventually I get a phone call to say that there is nothing wrong with any of the bearings, except that the belt showed signs of antifreeze on it, and that the tensioner pulley had been incorrectly fitted and aligned (a job originally done by an outfit highly respected on this forum). The cold start issue was in fact coincidental because of a dirty fuel filter.

However it's not sorting the big issues that impressed me, but the attention to detail. I never noticed my number plate globes were faulty - replaced FOC - is but one example. The fact that you could eat off the manifold covers, the engine was so clean is another.

I guess the proof of the pudding is really in the future (He said my starter motor needs attending to) but you get warm fuzzy feelings when you get good service.

Thumbs up Alan... you will see me again...


Maverick - www.4x4community.co.za

I went on a trip with Alan and was quite amazed at his knowledge when we burst a pipe on a Range Rover.

I know of 3 mates that swear by him. (LC 80, Jeep, Hilux)

Our customers certainly appear to be happy! Now why don't you give us a call?...


4x4 Community